About Us

Volta is the brainchild of Gabriele, CTO and Co-founder, a space engineer with a strong passion for electrochemistry who, by combing his knowledge, created Volta’s first structural battery concept.

From the idea, through technonological validation in the laboratory, we came to the creation of the business reality of Volta Structural Energy. The first step in achieving the ambitious mission to revolutionize the energy storage world: using structures to store electrical energy.


Logo of Volta Structural Energy


Foundation: Volta Structural Energy is born


Volta is one of the projects selected for Polihub’s Switch2Product acceleration program

MAY 2022

Volta begins 2-year incubation at ESA-BIC Turin

MAY 2022

Volta start the 5-months Business Innovation Factory, the acceleration program created by Leonardo


Volta is among the selected start-ups of Encubator: the program to accelerate the maturation of sustainability projects

MAY 2023

Volta won the Contest of Space Start-ups of Turin’s Space Festival 2023!

Meet the team

The team met during their studies in Aerospace Engineering at Politecnico di Milano in Italy. From the beginning of their engineering path their will to make the difference led them to support the creation of Skyward, the first Italian Experimental Rocketry student association. After their studies, each continued with a different career, developing different skills that now bring a complementarity within the team.

Tommaso Randolfi

CEO & Co-Founder

Gabriele Consiglio

CTO & Co-Founder

Chiara Mirani

COO & Co-Founder

Join us in the energy revolution